PIPOnet New Indian Railway App

PIPOnet New Indian Railway App

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PIPOnet is a new railway app that was launched by NuRe Bharat Network and RailTel on May 16, 2023. It aims to provide all services for railway passengers, including e-ticketing, travel, stay reservations, and entertainment apps12. It also integrates Netflix, Uber, Ola with the app. The app will become available on Android Play Store in the next two weeks.

Some of the benefits of using PIPOnet are:

You can access multiple services in one app, such as e-ticketing, travel, stay reservations, and entertainment apps12.
You can enjoy Netflix, Uber, Ola and other popular apps integrated with PIPOnet12.
You can connect with advertisers who want to reach out to railway passengers12.
You can save space and time by not having to download separate apps for different purposes3.

According to one of the sources1, PIPOnet mobile app will be available for public use from August 2023 on the Google Play store in both iOS and Android versions. So, yes, PIPOnet will be available for iOS users soon.

Not sure if there is an official way to get notified when PIPOnet is available for iOS, but you can try some of these options:

You can visit the official website of PIPOnet and see if they have a newsletter or a contact form where you can register your interest.
You can follow PIPOnet on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and look for updates or announcements.
You can check the App Store regularly and search for PIPOnet or similar keywords.
You can use a third-party app or website that tracks new app releases and alerts you when they are available. For example, AppShopper or AppAdvice.

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