Microsoft launches new Bing AI chatbot for SwiftKey keyboard and Skype

Microsoft launches new Bing AI ChatBot for SwiftKey keyboard and Skype

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Microsoft suggests using SwiftKey’s new Bing AI capabilities will help you become funnier on texts.

Microsoft debuted the updated Bing search engine on February 7. Since then, the business has been working hard to incorporate the AI elements of the search engine into all of its products. The business added Bing Chat AI to its SwiftKey keyboard for Android earlier this month, making the chatbot accessible to users of the keyboard.

Now, the company has announced that the Bing integration on SwiftKey is being rolled out more widely, alongside improved versions of existing integrations across the Bing, Skype, Microsoft Start, and Microsoft Edge apps.

New SwiftKey integration for Bing

According to Microsoft, SwiftKey’s new functionalities are available in any market where the new Bing is offered. If you’ve received it, you’ll see a Bing icon above the keyboard. From there you can choose between three features to use: Chat, Tone, or Search.

You may use chat to access the new Bing while on the fly for more specific searches. It can help you come up with clever jokes in chats or if you need to propose a good local restaurant on text, among other things.

Using AI to adapt the words you are transmitting to any context, the tone feature allows you to communicate more effectively. Using it, you can make your words sound more professional, casual, polite, or concise enough for a social post. Lastly, the search function lets you quickly search the web from your keyboard without switching apps.

enhancements to the Bing, Skype, Start, and Edge apps’ integrations

To “promote inclusivity and to avoid gender bias,” the mobile Bing app’s translator feature now provides both male and female translations when converting from English to Spanish, French, or Italian.

The availability of new Bing is also being expanded on Skype, so everyone in a group can chat with the new Bing in the context of that conversation. To get started, search for ‘Bing in Skype’ in your Skype contacts and add it to a group chat. Once added, you’ll be able to use it to “settle a debate, help plan a group trip, or find a restaurant for you all to meet at in person.”

Lastly, while the new Bing app can be directly accessed from the SwiftKey app, users who prefer other keyboard apps can use the Microsoft Start app for it. Microsoft Start is a personalised news feed and collection of informational content that also comes with a host of built-in tools.

It will be fascinating to watch how Google handles these Gboard interfaces. So far, SwiftKey and Gboard have more or less been similar in terms of features, but with these new fancy AI integrations, SwiftKey seems to be pulling ahead.

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