Google rolls out first public beta for Android 14

Google Rolls Out First Public Beta for Android 14

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With new features focusing on system navigation, privacy, performance, and user customization, Google has made the first public beta of Android 14 available to developers and early adopters. “Today we’re releasing the first Beta of Android 14, building around our core themes of privacy, security, performance, developer productivity, and user customisation while continuing to improve the large-screen device experience on tablets, foldable, and more,” Google said in a blogpost.

A new back arrow has been released under the gesture navigation as one of the features to help users better understand and utilise back gestures when engaging with your app. The back arrow blends in nicely with the user’s device theme or wallpaper. The new system share sheet in Android 14 enables developers to add unique, app-specific actions at the top of the share menu. This page opens when you press to share content.

Comparing this to Android share sheets, which always sort share targets alphabetically, Google claims that this is a “improved” experience. The company added that the new share sheet makes use of more app indications to decide how the direct share targets should be ranked. Additionally, the Android 14 beta has improved language options and new graphical features including morphing effects that assign language choices to applications automatically. By allowing apps to restrict the visibility of sensitive data to access services that ostensibly help disabled people, privacy is also benefited. Google claims that customers who are particularly vulnerable can benefit from the new privacy safeguards to stop unintentional money transfers or transactions made through shopping apps.

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