Know About Cell lines

Know About Cell lines

Cell lines are groups of cells that have been isolated from a particular tissue or organism and are capable of dividing and proliferating indefinitely in a laboratory setting. Cell lines are often used in scientific research to study cellular processes, test drugs or other interventions, and develop new therapies.

Cell lines are usually derived from either primary cultures, where cells are taken directly from a tissue sample, or from established cell lines that have already been derived from a particular tissue or organism. Once established, cell lines are often maintained in a nutrient-rich medium that allows them to grow and divide. Some cell lines are also immortalized, meaning they have mutations that allow them to continue to divide and proliferate indefinitely.

Cell lines are a valuable tool in scientific research because they are easy to grow and manipulate, and can be used to study a wide range of biological processes. However, it is important to note that cell lines may not always accurately represent the behavior of cells in vivo (in living organisms), as they can sometimes acquire genetic changes or mutations during their culturing that can alter their characteristics. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the appropriate use of cell lines in scientific research and to validate their behavior and characteristics to ensure their suitability for a particular experiment or application.

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