The Future of Arthritis Treatment with Stem Cells

The Future of Arthritis Treatment with Stem Cells

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The future of Arthritis Treatment with Stem Cells

Stem Cell Therapy, which includes regenerative injections, is the future of regenerative medicine for patients suffering from reduced motion or pain because of hand or basal joint arthritis. Stem Cell Therapy has also shown the potential of healing rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune ailment. Of late, researchers have come across the suppressive ability of mesenchymal cells, which were able to restrain T-cell as well as inflammatory responses.

This directly benefits those who suffer from such autoimmune diseases. Researchers are also studying the effectiveness of using mesenchymal cells derived from human adipose its therapeutic application for treating arthritis stimulated by collagen.

Tests has shown that mesenchymal cells can aid in preventing as well as treating arthritis induced by collagen by lessening the severity of the disease and cutting down the incidence of the ailment. In humans, especially adults, mesenchymal cells originate in vivo and they are characterized by their ability to differentiate into bone, adipose tissues, as well as cartilage, based on the culture conditions and stimuli that accelerate their expansion.

In the early stages of research, Mesenchymal cells were only considered as an answer to the problem of tissue regeneration. However, recently the focus has shifted to its capacity of regulating the immune response in cases of injury of tissues, autoimmunity, and even transplantation. Such cells can be easily extracted from a patient’s bone marrow and manipulated to expand in lab conditions while maintaining their differentiating ability when appropriate signals are given to them.

There have several reports depicting success in immune modulation, which supports the claim of Stem Cell Therapy used for Arthritis Treatment and for other autoimmune diseases. As compared to conventional Arthritis Treatment options including knee surgery or complete joint replacement, treatment using stem cells can be an effective option for patients suffering from chronic pain because of arthritis.

Presently research is still going on to tap the full potential of mesenchymal cells and their capability of differentiating into different connective tissue cells such as tendon, cartilage, bone, muscle, and adipose tissue. Even in cases of osteoarthritis introduction of stem cells has shown enhanced repair together with inhibition of continuous loss of tissues of the joint.

Nowadays, stem cell centers are emerging around the globe and they are striving to evolve Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis Treatment. A number of world-class facilities like Giostar now put forward injections of stem cells, which help in healing pain because of arthritis as well as curing ligament injuries, meniscus tears, and other degenerative conditions.

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