Usage of Stem Cell Therapy

Usage of Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem Cell Therapy Possibilities

Blood or hematopoietic stem cells are the most widely used stem cells, which are used frequently used for stem cell transplants such as bone marrow transplantation. This type of Stem Cell Therapy is used for treating some immune system and blood disorders and diseases, as well as for rebuilding blood systems following the treatment of some types of cancer. Disease such as Parkinson’s disease is also treated with this kind of Stem Cell Therapy. Groundwork studies have shown that bone marrow cells can provide beneficial effects when injected into an affected heart. In few cases, stem cells may be infused straight into the blood, and the cells make their way to the right, location and start creating new tissues and cells required. Other cases require cells to be injected into a tissue or an organ, where cells are needed.

The main aim of Stem Cell Therapy is to transplant stem cells in the patient and then directing them to the right place where it can divide and differentiate to form new and functioning tissues or can repair the tissues that have been damaged due to any disease or disorder. However, the risk of the stem cells not working in the desired manner is there, but researchers are continuously working to find new ways of making Stem Cell Therapy as safe as possible for different patients.

For successful usage of stem cells to treat different diseases, researchers first have to come up with a source of an ample amount of stem cells, as many adult cells do not have the ability to divide and multiply in huge numbers. The next challenge that scientists face in the use of Stem Cell Therapy is creating the required type of cell in lab conditions, or after transplanting the cell into the patient.

The risk of rejection of the new stem cells by the immune system of the receiving patient also exists while using stem cells for treating diseases. This is another big concern and roadblock in the way of successful usage of Stem Cell Therapy. New ways of protecting stem cells from attacks on the immune systems are being explored by researchers these days.

Research institutes and health centers like Giostar, not only offer Stem Cell Therapy for various diseases but are also involved in consistent research to make sure that the therapy is safe and that the stem cells remain functional throughout the lifespan of the patient.


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