Arthritis Treatment in India

Arthritis Treatment in India

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Varied Approaches of using Mesenchymal Cells for Arthritis Treatment

Using Stem Cell Therapy for healing degenerated or injured body parts such as joints has given new hope to patients looking for effective Arthritis Treatment. Recent trials focus on the use of Mesenchymal cells, which are derived from adult tissues. These are known for their ability to isolate and quick growth in vitro, as well as their capability to differentiate ultimately making way for widespread culture expansion required for deriving huge amount of cells for therapeutic application. These characteristics of Mesenchymal cells make them ideal for tissue engineering. The use of MSCs has given a push to the efforts of regenerating damaged tissues and repairing structures that are damaged due to arthritic conditions.

Potential of stem cells

Stem Cell Therapy has the potential to treat several knee conditions and injuries such as Osteoarthritis, tear, sprain, Patellofemoral Syndrome, Baker’s cyst, instability of the knee, hamstrings tendinopathy, meniscus tear, cartilage damage, etc.

Technological advancements and in-depth research has allowed surgeons to extract stem cells from a patient’s bone marrow, and then process them in lab conditions before re-injecting the cells into different areas or the affected part of the body. When injected at the right location, with the aid of advanced imaging techniques, these cells boost the innate repair process and help in healing degenerated ligaments, injured tendons, and even arthritic joints.

New characteristics discovered

Some of the topical tests have revealed some other functionality of Mesenchymal cells. These tests have thrown light on the anti-inflammation and immunosuppressant effects of MSCs. These stem cells also secrete some soluble factors, which can exert a shielding effect and manipulate the local tissue conditions. This helps in encouraging the regeneration of cells.

Basic approaches to using MSCs for treating Arthritis

There are two approaches to applying Stem Cell Therapy to repair and regenerate cartilage tissues. In the first one, known as ex vivo engineering of cartilage tissue, replacement tissues are created in vitro by using mesenchymal cells. The MSCs are mixed with the scaffold while controlling the environmental stimuli. In Vivo is the second approach of using Stem Cell Therapy for cartilage repair. In the second method, immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory effects of mesenchymal cells are used for relieving pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

The possibilities of treating rheumatoid arthritis with Stem Cell Therapy are also being tested nowadays. Not all patients have positive responses to the available rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment therapies. Being an autoimmune disease, the immunosuppressive effects of stem cells can work for this kind of Arthritis Treatment. When Mesenchymal cells are introduced into the affected area, it starts producing agents that are anti-inflammatory, and the T-regulatory cell production rate is also given a boost by MSCs. These immune cells work as a shield from immunological attacks.

High-end technology and research utilized by healthcare providers such as Medical Cure India have made it possible to bring Stem Cell Therapy within the reach of several people across the globe. Not only do they use stem cells for Arthritis Treatment, but the scope and use of stem cells are now expanding greatly, and these are used for treating many other degenerative diseases and conditions as well as neural disorders.

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