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By the headline you got to know what this is going to be. Yes, TikTok is such an app which you can not ignore if you want to grow your business. The application has garnered astronomical users in such a short time due to its video format; which brings high degree of engagement. Whether you have love-hate or love-love relationship with this application, you will be amazed by the tips and tricks I’ve to share with you and maybe you’ll start loving it too!
I know many of you might be thinking do we have jump and dance to trending music. Well, there’s good news. It is not necessary to do so. In fact there is a way other than creating trending videos to grow your brand and presence.
Without further ado, let’s hope in to the tricks. I cannot wait to share it with you.

Begin by introducing yourself

Apart from your products, people like to hear and connect with other people through a story. If you’re new to TikTok, don’t just watch other user’s video. Try and make an introductory video that explains your brand’s purpose, which will you do to achieve them and in turn, what’s in there for your audience.

Our attention span has decreased to less than 30 seconds. This is why video content-making app like TikTok has become the popular choice among the mass. It’s video length is not more than 30 seconds, sometimes even less than 15 seconds. People usually comes to watch that 15 seconds video but binge-watch for 3 hours. This is where smart marketing works. Your videos should grab the attention of the audience, compelling them to go to your profile and follow you.

Striking the right balance.

One thing I love about TikTok is it doesn’t put barriers to kind of content you want to create. You don’t have to follow the trends every time and want it to go viral. People should know you besides your brand that you’re creating. What about your personality? How interesting of a person you are?

You see, you could make videos related to your own funny anecdotes besides the type of content specific to your account. The key here is to strike the balance, to hit that sweet spot between these two. You could occasionally try and make different types of content you want to showcase to the people. This way trust is built among your audience who’s going to give money to your brands as a client later on.

Don’t forget to use hashtags

Hashtags are sort of link of your content that sends them to a bigger audience to watch. It is so important to use hashtags in an Instagram post and even in TikTok because it increases your visibility among hundreds of thousands of videos. Hashtags differ based on the content that you create.

For example, you are a wellness coach and love helping people to upscale themselves. Under your TikTok post, you could use hashtags such as #wellnesscoach, #femalecoach, #malecoach, #positivity, etc. All of the above hashtags are related to what you do and when people will search for any of these hashtags, the application’s algorithm will work in your favor and bring in viewers.

Engage with your audience.

For making those videos, show yourself on how to use your products and when. Now, people trust people. When the audience will see you using the products, that will pique interest in them and build trust to take action on it. Also, make sure to reply to the comments below your video. TikTok has this amazing feature where you can reply in a video. How cool is that!

Always take time out of your schedule to engage with your audience not only on TikTok but any other social media. They see and understand what you’re doing and how much effort you’re doing to talk to them. This opens the way for great opportunities and experiences. The amount of followers and customers is directly proportional to how much you engage with them.

I thought a bonus tip would be the cherry on top for you. So, the bonus tip is to create a code for your TikTok followers. Only TikTok followers can benefit from this code in terms of discounts, follow-up offers, and special memberships, and you can go on. Actually, you can keep track of where is the audience coming from; is it from TikTok or Facebook, or Instagram? Isn’t that mind-blowing! Along the way, you gain many loyal and organic followers for your business.

Hello, I am Vaishnav Kumar, a marketing enthusiast who loves teaching others. I talk and write about content writing, digital and online marketing, branding, etc. on my page. If you think you resonate with the content I make, please consider following my page and sharing among your friends who you think will benefit from this.

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