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Generating an audience for your business or brand is a multi-thronged task. You can get an audience through the optimization of your site which we talked about in the last blog. Next, and probably the most important is through ad campaigns in social media. Last but not least is the email. 

First things first, did you know we are bombarded with 1700 ads every day? It’s mind-blowing, right? You don’t remember most of them because our subconscious mind is programmed to filter unnecessary information before they are processed. Imagine processing every single piece of information you see! Our body’s system will crash eventually, if not sooner. 

For this ad to filter through your subconscious mind, you really need to stand out from the rest. So as a creator, you must keep track of what your audience wants and what attracts them the most. I’ve compiled a few ideas to help you with that. 

  • The Headline. 

The headline is the first line that your audience sees. Try to spice it up so that it immediately grabs their attention. Here we will consider the example of Facebook. The headline is placed at the bottom of your content. By the time your audience sees the headline, they are already scrolling past it. 

In Facebook ads, the single most important task is the first line of your ad. Remember, the task of the first line is to pique the interest in your audience and hook them into reading more. You could go like “ Here’s how you can top your College” or “These 3 things are not letting you focus”. This will open a loop and the rest lies in your content to hold that attention. 

  • The Body. 

Every step of your ad should open a loop for your audience to click on a link or share the post. Once you’ve hooked your audience through your interesting one-liners, the next step is to curate content according to their appetite. 

Here you really need to indulge yourself in studying your audience. You could look into what age group the majority of them fall into, how much awareness are they have about their problem and your brand, and what it is they seek. 

All of these will come as you experiment and post consistently on Facebook and other platforms as well.

 If you’re new in this field and need some resources to start with, follow our page where we regularly upload blogs to educate many like you. Vaishnav Kumar, the leading digital marketer of our page is here to talk you through the jargon of the internet. Make sure to connect with him. 

  • Image or video. 

Human beings are visual learners and it is not a secret. We tend to learn and store more information from an image or video than from a written paragraph. This can either upscale or downscale your brand depending on what kind of imagery you decide to use to represent your brand. 

Facebook ads shouldn’t be long enough to bore the audience. Precisely add a few lines about ongoing offers and create scarcity by giving a deadline. Next, in the image itself communicate your product with the top 3 or top 5 benefits of using it. This way you deliver value through your ads. 

Next time try adding a video testimonial of one of your clients and make sure it’s authentic. People have become smarter and choosy in who they follow. They will know whether it’s a paid or genuine review. Try to stick to the latter but you can go for paid review every once in a while. 

  • Link. 

Now that you’ve addressed the problem and the solution and enticed your audience into reading it, the next step is to add a link to buy it from you. We all have seen the link is present somewhere at the bottom of Facebook ads. When people click on this link, they will be redirected to your page and generate leads. 

Make sure to dedicate the last few lines of your ad body to convince the audience to buy the product or service. For example; you could write “ First 500 subscribers will get 25% off on the purchase of 599/- or higher. So hurry and grab the offer before anyone else.” Then, paste the link to your website. This makes your audience to spring into action and actually buy it. 


You can apply all of this one by one if you’re a beginner. Do not be discouraged if your ads are not generating leads through social media. The key is to keep posting consistently no matter what. The more you present yourself to the audience, the more interested they become to know more. I’ve compiled some top tips that could help you start your journey but the list doesn’t end here. 

To know more, follow us here and on our social media handles. You can ping us on Instagram or send an email and we would be more than happy to get back to you with exciting information and news about online space. 

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