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In 2022, there are so many changes in digital marketing space globally. A wave of new trends sweeps this space and we are all here for it. 

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So, coming back to basics. What is digital marketing? All of us has used this at some point of our life. The more we are resorting to online gadgets and technologies, the more exposure we get to this. Digital marketing is the selling and buying of services and products in simple terms. 

As it is a lucrative market, trends change every now and then. Here I’ve compiled top 5 trends that I’ve observed in 2022 so far. 

  • Search Engine Optimization. 

We are hearing and seeing huge load of importance to SEO over the last few years that I don’t remember how many times I’ve heard that. All went like SEO that and SEO this. If you don’t optimize your website and content in it, it is obvious that you will lose traffic and sales. 

What if you did both? You could maintain the quality of the content all the while optimizing your site. That way it will be win win situation for the customers and the business. The value you deliver through your content is the primary focus. The SEO is secondary. So, try to strike the balance between the quality and optimization for the long run. 

  • Consistency. 

Some of you complain my business isn’t growing, the sales dropped down and so on. Here, it is the matter of quantity and not quality. I know how ridiculous this may sound after the first trend I’ve mentioned but listen to me. The number of businesses is astronomically increasing, the space is more crowded you see. 

In order to make your presence felt though all this noise, you must post consistently on you social media pages. I cannot emphasize enough how consistent you should be. If you put yourself or your products in front of the people, they will buy your products eventually. 

Many will come and post an ad on Facebook or make one video on YouTube and wait for it blow up and become overnight sensation. I hope that was the case but it’s not. You see the point is to keep pushing forward in spite of less reach or reacts on your posts. If your business isn’t making a billion dollars a year, there’s so much you can do. 


  • Ideal Audience. 

So the idea of consistency is clear but where and how do we get our audience. We do this by identifying our ideal target audience- where they are and what are their appetite. That means we need to curate the content and what type of social media we are using to post. 

There’s no point in posting in Pinterest or creating for TikTok if the audience is not present their. It requires huge deal of energy and time to curate the content, so why not start by following the audience and make our presence felt by delivering quality content. 

  • Influencer marketing. 

In the last few years, all social media have seen massive rise in online freelancers, creators and influencers alike. How can this work in favor of you? 

People tend to trust people, it is a psychological phenomenon since ancient days. Take for example, if you see your friend using a very good lipstick, you tend to ask where did she buy it from. Next thing you google up and consider it for yourself. This roadmap is what we are talking about. 

Even a small review video from your client is enough to drive people to trust your business. So get your socks up and talk with these creators in to using your products and sharing a review. Now you have to wait and watch how that will bring traffic to your website. Well I really don’t mean what I said now; but you get the point. 

If you want to thrive this year and the coming years, video format is the highest generator leads in the social media platforms. 

  • Email marketing. 

According to data, 4 million users and counting are actively present in email. These numbers are enough to say what works best now. Yes, email. Emailing your customers make them feel special and connected to your brand. 

In worst case scenario, social media platforms collapse for a day just like in 2021. You’ll lose your leads and online audiences for a whole day; imagine the loss your company have to bear in terms of leads, value and revenue! 

If you want to know more about digital marketing and what it can do for you, book a session with our expert, Vaishnav Kumar. Have an one to one call to know the resources, how to get a lead and curate your social media posts- all in one.

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