Stem cell Treatment for Autoimmune Disorder

Stem cell Treatment for Autoimmune Disorder

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Stem Cell Treatment for Autoimmune Disorder

Stem cells are supposed to be the future of modern medicine! Thanks to the modern technological advances, we have recently started understanding the true potential of stem cells and their application in medicine. In fact, with more and more clinical studies, going on all over the world; medical experts have started referring them for degenerative conditions, like neurological indication, autoimmune disorders, etc.

As already mentioned, results from many global clinical studies have evidently proven it to be very effective in many autoimmune disorders, with many scientists truly accepting it to be the future mainstream medicine. But it should be understood that what stem cells can do inside our body. Although, they have long been used in blood cancer; but to use them for growing complete organs, outside human body, lot of development still remains to be undergone.

Autoimmune conditions like interstitial bowel diseases, diabetes and multiple sclerosis have taken their toll on a mankind, making it a major problem, growing in unimaginable proportions. Autoimmune diseases are identified to be serious disorder of immune system, attacking self-organs of the body, thus disturbing its structural as well as functional attributes. Accordingly, the stem cells treatment for autoimmune disorders should be first altered or removed entirely. Conventionally, the common methods that have been employed are chemotherapy, which obliterate body’s faulty immune system to regulate the said to function normally.  However, it should be noted that chemotherapy is a risky process, making a person more susceptible to many opportunistic infections.

It has been reported that alone in the US, nearly about 20% of the population is affected with autoimmune disorders, with no available approved medication on the same. Conventional treatments are available, but can only be used to manage symptoms but cannot cure. Hence, the race is on to find a definitive cure for autoimmune disorders; wherein the stem cell researchers are leading the way. Accordingly, some of the common diseases, such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, arthritis is standing up against stem cells therapy.

Diabetes: – Stem cell therapy has shown tremendous improvement in symptoms associated with diabetes. Stem cells isolated from autologous tissues, such as bone marrow and/or adipose tissue, etc. are studied in various clinical investigations and are found to be effective in reducing blood sugar levels, reduce HbA1C levels and gaining insulin independence.

Multiple Sclerosis: – Recently, many trials conducted across the globe are delivering promising results, through effective demonstration of structural as well as functional restoration. The studies have as well evidently shown that stem cell therapy can cease the disease progression, by regularizing adverse effects of the immune system; moreover, they have as well identified to be restoring the functional attributes to the significant levels.

Crohn’s Disease: –

Although, results from various clinical trials have specified a good indication of clinical outcome; number of patients treated with the help of stem cells are very limited, accounting for a non-significant data input. Recently, a randomized clinical trial is being published, wherein 45 patients with moderate to severe clinical outcome.  The results are evidently acknowledging the repairing effects of autologous stem cells, wherein the trial has reported severe improvement in patients gastrointestinal scores and achieved remission.

The results are thus enough to show stem cells isolated from patients own body tissues can use stem cells to revert back and regularize the faulty immune system.

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