Want pain-free sleep? – Consider Regenerative Cell Therapy in India!

Want pain-free sleep? – Consider Regenerative Cell Therapy in India!

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Regenerative Cell Therapy in India

Do you often wake up all of a sudden from a long night of sleep? Then, this article is for you. Let us discuss several sleep positions that might soothe your pain. These tips will improve your shoulder issues if you desire a die-hard sleep.

Of course, remember that this post is only for those who have shoulder pain and strain. We don’t recommend these tips for people with chronic shoulder pain or frozen shoulder.

Still, do you find this pain persists even after following these ideas? Please then seek help from our regenerative medicine specialists. We will offer you a personalized treatment plan specific to your shoulder injury.

So, let us go through the various proper sleep positions for patients with shoulder pain in detail. 

What is the best sleeping position for your shoulder pain?

Physicians call our shoulder a ball-and-socket joint. The top of your upper arm will be round in shape. It is the ‘ball’ that revolves in the concave portion of your shoulder blade. The ‘socket’ causes a range of motion. A ball remains inside the socket with the help of soft tissues, muscles, and tendons. These tendons and muscles around the shoulder joint are the rotator cuff.

What if these tendons and muscles get strained by lying in the same position for a long duration? This will, however, lead to a rotator cuff injury. There will be compression of your shoulder joint. Furthermore, it can restrict the flow of blood to your arm as well. As a result, you will experience a pins-and-needles sensation. Moreover, this nagging sensation will wake you up by interrupting your sleep. So, make sure you don’t sleep in the same position for a long time.

What is the remedy, then? Try a different sleeping posture. Always sleep on your back and not on your side. That will relieve the shoulder pain and speed up your healing process. Sleeping on your back can align your spine. Moreover, it will keep your weight off your shoulder problem.

Is it right to sleep on your stomach?

It’s an excellent question. First, think and see whether you have the power to breathe through the pillow? Impossible, right? You will then turn your head while sleeping on your stomach. We call it an awkward position. It’s because this posture will cause neck pain. Moreover, it may aggravate your existing shoulder ache. So, it is better to avoid this position.

How about sleeping on your side?

Would you like to know any other proper sleeping postures in addition to sleeping on your back? You can opt for sleeping on the right side, depending on the orientation of your stomach. Let me explain! Your stomach is a small bag with tubes coming out from both ends. However, these tubes are not present at the top and bottom parts. They both remain on one side; that’s your right side.

Hence if you sleep on the left side, your food remains in your stomach area meant for food digestion. However, gravity will force the food into those tubes coming from the stomach if you sleep on the right side. One of the tubes is the oesophagus. And, this may lead to acid reflux in many cases.

Ultimately, you should find out what will work for you. If you still experience shoulder pain, it’s time to approach our clinic and consult our medical experts. 

Does Medical Cure Clinic India offer PRP treatment in the INDIA?

Yes. Our Medical Cure Clinic India offers regenerative cell therapy that includes cellular therapy and PRP (Platelets-Rich Plasma) treatment in the INDIA.

Conventional methods like medications, physical therapy, steroids, and surgery provide only temporary results. They only mask your symptoms temporarily. But they don’t treat the underlying cause. Furthermore, they have several side effects.

Regenerative cell therapy provides natural and permanent results, unlike other conventional methods. PRP treatment involves your blood cells. Hence, there is no risk of allergy or rejection. Moreover, PRP treatment not only masks the symptoms but also treats the underlying causes.

Our Medical Cure Clinic India also offers physical therapy and nutritional therapy. We mostly recommend personalized combinational therapy to quicken your healing process. However, the combination type varies depending on your condition.

Despite following proper sleeping postures, don’t you find any improvement? Then, schedule an appointment right away.  Hope this guide will help in having a pain-free sleep without waking up now and then. Good night!

Medical Cure Clinic India offers PRP therapy and physical therapy. During the consultation, we’ll offer a personalized combinational Regenerative cell therapy to quicken your healing process. However, this combination varies according to the heel condition.

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