How Regenerative Cell Treatment is an Alternative to Hip Bursitis Surgery?

How Regenerative Cell Treatment is an Alternative to Hip Bursitis Surgery?

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How Regenerative Cell Treatment is an Alternative to Hip Bursitis Surgery?

What is Hip Bursitis?

Bursa is a sac-like structure filled with synovial fluid. This synovial fluid aids in joint movement and works as a lubricant between the tissues and bones. Bursa acts as a cushion between bones and tissues and helps to decrease friction. Hence, when the bursa doesn’t function properly, there is an inflammation of the hip bursae and it is termed hip bursitis.


There are plenty of reasons for getting bursitis in the hip. Falling on the hip, excessive usage of the hip, spine-related problems, long hours of running or standing, excessive climbing of stairs, and the difference in the length of each leg are some reasons. Hip replacements and hip surgeries can also lead to bursitis in the hip region.

Signs and symptoms

Swelling, pain, tenderness outward the upper curve of the thigh, and swelling are some of the signs of this condition. Persistent pain can stretch towards the lower outer thigh region. The pain can also radiate towards the groin, knee, and buttocks.

Bursitis occurs in the part that is affected by hip bursa:

  • Iliopsoas bursitis occurs when there is an inflammation of the iliopsoas bursa situated below the iliopsoas muscle in front of the hip.
  • Trochanter bursitis occurs due to the inflammation of the trochanter bursa.

It is very common to find people with trochanteric bursitis. In this condition, pain while lying on both sides is the major symptom.

Conventional treatment

There are many conventional therapies included in this treatment. They are the administration of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like ibuprofen, corticosteroid injections, and R.I.C.E. formula (Rest, Ice therapy, Compression, and Elevation). Prolonged usage of such temporary treatment methods can lead to many systematic side-effects. There can be heart problems, kidney problems, and gastrointestinal problems. Hence, you should avoid these conventional treatment methods. The steroid injection can damage and weaken the targeted part like muscle, tendon, or ligament. Therefore, the physicians limit the administration of corticosteroid injections.

In very rare cases, the physician advises for surgery in trochanteric bursitis. However, surgery for this condition involves many complications. The patients may experience clot formation and bleeding. Similarly, surgery damages the tissues surrounding the targeted region.

Treating hip bursitis with regenerative cell treatment

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, stem cell therapy, and prolotherapy come under regenerative cell treatments. Our Medical Cure India Clinics offers regenerative cell treatment to rejuvenate the damaged tissues. These therapies use the patient’s own cells. Hence, the patient won’t experience any allergy or rejection issues.

Regenerative cell treatment promotes quick and natural healing of the damaged tissues and differentiates them into cartilages and bones. With the help of this long-lasting therapy, it is possible to strengthen the patient’s body balance without any risk of major side effects.

Hence, the patient can expect a quick recovery within a short duration in this minimally invasive regenerative cell treatment.

Our clinic also offers nutritional therapy and physical therapy to accelerate the healing step. The patients can opt for them as a standalone service or in combination with regenerative cell treatment in India.

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