Restore Your Ankle Tendon Tears with Regenerative Treatment

Restore Your Ankle Tendon Tears with Regenerative Treatment

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Restore Your Ankle Tendon Tears with Regenerative Treatment

Are you experiencing ankle pain despite following the various conventional therapies? If you think surgery is the only option, it’s time to hold on! Permanent relief from the pain is 100 percent possible by following our natural treatment. Yes, you heard it right. Our Medical Stem Cells Clinic in the UK recommends upcoming regenerative therapy as the best method to treat your ankle tendon tear. Curious to know how? Let us understand what happens when the ankle tendon experiences tear to know the efficiency of regenerative treatment.

What is an ankle tendon tear?

Three bones, namely the fibula, tibia as well as talus meet at the ankle joint. The connective tissues named tendons attach the muscles of the lower portion of the leg to the ankle and foot bones. It is the ankle tendon that helps in moving and rotating the joint region. 

Among the ankle tendons, the Achilles tendon is the most important one. It helps you to walk, jump, and run. This Achilles tendon connects calf muscles with the heel bone. That’s how it is possible to stand up on your toes or raise the feet. The anterior tibial tendon extends from the shin bone towards the upper part of the foot. Henceforth, you can lift the foot upwards.

Similarly, the posterior tibial tendon connects the minute calf muscles to the lower part of the foot. Henceforth, you can move the foot inward. The peroneal tendons are a group of two tendons that run side-by-side. They are located at the outer part of the ankle bone. These tendons preserve the ankle and foot from sprains.

When any of these tendons rupture due to ankle overuse or unexpected trauma, it leads to an ankle tendon tear. Patients with ankle tendon tear will undergo pain as well as discomfort while doing activities that involve your overall weight to be put on your foot.

Ankle tendon tear is of three types:

  • Achilles tendon tear

Achilles tendon tear occurs commonly among jumpers or sprinters while stretching the tendon beyond its capacity. The varied symptoms include sudden pain in the back portion of the ankle, difficulty in rising on the toes, swelling between the heel and the calf, etc. 

  • Tibial tendon tear 

Tibial tendon tear occurs commonly among athletes due to excessive use of ankles or an unexpected fall. There will be pain towards the inside portion of the ankle. Swelling may or may not arise.

  • Peroneal tendon tear 

Peroneal tendon tear occurs due to frequent overuse of ankles among the dancers and sportspeople. Even those who have inward-turned heels or wear loose-fitting shoes are more prone to develop this peroneal tendon tear. Symptoms such as pain as well as swelling at the back portion of the ankle while turning the foot inwards or outwards. 

Conventional treatment for an ankle tendon tear

Conventional methods can only bring relief from the ailment by masking the symptoms for a short duration. However, they don’t heal the underlying cause of this ailment. The varied conventional methods to treat ankle tendon tear include R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice therapy, Compression, and Elevation) therapy, activity modification, as well as physical therapy. But the patients should restrict their ankle movements in order to find relief from the pain. Administration of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), as well as corticosteroid injection, may also give only temporary relief from pain and inflammation. However, if they are administered for an extended period of time, the patient may undergo many complications. The surgical method that involves the removal of damaged cartilage will be the last resort if the above-listed treatment modalities fail. Moreover, surgery will be painful, invasive, and involve the administration of general anaesthesia. The patient might go through post-surgical complications, including nerve pain or re-rupturing of the tendon. 

Regenerative cell therapy for an ankle tendon tear

Our Medical Cure India, offers regenerative therapeutic options including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as well as a cellular therapy to heal ankle tendon tear permanently. These therapies can naturally heal ankle tendon tear by promoting the healing mechanism of the damaged tissues followed by reviving the new cells. This minimally invasive treatment thereby brings great relief from pain and inflammation. There is no risk of rejection or allergy since the cells are harvested from the patient’s own body. Henceforth, these non-surgical regenerative therapies can act as the appropriate ankle tendon alternative for surgery. Even the patients can return to their routine lives at the earliest without any risk or extensive surgical process.

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