What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

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A-Z of Digital Marketing

By latest projections, it is calculated that revenue generated from digital marketing and advertising will surpass 170 billion dollars by the year 2022. In the last few years, almost 60 % of the advertisement are done over social media platforms and video formats. That’s a huge chunk! Social media has engraved a place of it’s own in our daily life like no other. We use our social media to create bonds with our families and friends and also, for promoting products and services. If we were to browse certain product, we opt for video reviews rather than written reviews, since our attention span has significantly reduced over the last few years. 

Gone are the days when companies used magazines, newspapers to post their advertisements on. These ways were effective when online platforms were not available to larger masses. But today, every one starting from a child of 14 years has a smartphone to start with. With the advent of newer technologies, we must gear up for newer methods of putting our content, products and services in front of people. 

Advertising products and services digitally has become much more convenient as it has numerous benefits as compared to traditional marketing as follows :- 

  1. Online platforms like Facebook, Instagram , Google, etc. can provide audiences in manifold as compared to newspaper , television advertisements, etc. 
  2.  The crucial factor here is not only putting your content in front of the people, you do want to get it in front of the right set of people who may find value in what you have to offer and  may or may not decide purchase your products and services. 
  3. Since the advertisements are sourced only to the targeted audiences, the cost for making such advertisements is reduced significantly. It is, however, advised to experiment with these methods to see and analyze which mode works best for you and your products and then systematically, invest. 
  4. Do you know Google presents you the accurate stats of how your ad is doing in the market, how many visitors your website has and how many actual visitors have purchased your products and services. This way you literally have your business in your hands. You can make the necessary changes in your model to make it more effective in attracting customers and take immediate feedbacks from them. You can amend potholes in your website or products if any. 

However, an important point to consider here is using the right keyword strategy.  The stronger is the keyword strategy , the higher you will rank , hence your content will be seen by greater number of audiences. Make it a point to do something different so as to stand apart from your competitors. 

Keep in mind that keywords can be used in your content or anything you send to your clients or both. They can be included in e-mails, videos or posts.  Now, you will be wondering why is keyword strategy so important? With out strong keyword strategy, the website will fail to bring in visitors in huge numbers or no visitors at all. Your brand value will decrease as the visibility of your brand is stagnant. Hence, if you are starting your digital marketing journey, we recommend you to drop by your queries on our homepage and we will try to solve your doubt and help you through the whole process of getting started. 

To get the most out your digital marketing, here are some ways :- 

  • Build a community. 
  • Add images and videos to create more engagement.
  • Provide customization of your products or services. 
  • Take as much feedback as you can from your clients, this will build a good rapport between you. 
  • Automate your e-mail marketing campaigns. 
  • Always value the returning customers. 

When implemented correctly , digital marketing will ensure that your business reaches it’s target audience and expand by increasing sales, engagement in your website and around your brand. Overall, it helps you create your own brand from scratch. 

While it may appear tempting to start with advertising on every platform available, it is best to hold on and research through which platform will you be able to reach more audience. Without strategy and proper implementation , you are playing a lost game.  That’s where , Vaishnav Kumar, a rising digital marketer comes into the scene. You can consult with him by booking through the contact number given in our website.  

Vaishnav Kumar is an expert in digital marketing field and has guided many people to kick start their journey on the online platforms. He has deep knowledge about  the marketing strategies , keyword strategies, how to increase your brand value and visibility. If you also want to bring about a change in your business marketing strategies, you are in the right place and at the right time. Because, now is the right time and it’s never to late to start something new. 

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