What is the Best Treatment for Cancer?

What is the Best Treatment for Cancer?

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Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer

A team of scientists could recently develop a method to combat cancerous cellular growth with the help of bio warriors, identified to be stem cells. The principal investigator of the said scientific team is hopeful about selective isolation of cancerous cells to cease further progression and growth. Stem cells on the contrary are playing a central role in this process, to differentiate into cells that have been lost and/or weakened, as well as to identify the leading physical properties of cancerous tissue growth. The landmark studies are appearing in the journal of biological chemistry. 

Stem cells therapy for different types of blood cancer has been tried and routinely applied, since 1970’s. Stem cells are believed to be the naïve cells of our body, with a tremendous potential to differentiate into cells of multiple types. These cells are in fact the basic cells, which can be isolated from as early as eight celled stage of human embryo. Although, these embryonic stem cells are identified to be the most potent cells of our body, these cells cannot be routinely applied for therapeutic benefits, due to their ethical concerns. These stem cells during their evolution to entire human beings are being stored in each tissue as a reserved quota, to be used in case of crisis or for normal wear and tear of the body. Bone marrow is believed to be the most potent source of stem cells. Hematopoietic genre of stem cells is present in bone marrow that is responsible to produce each and every type of blood cells and maintenance of their number in our body.  These stem cells lay dormant inside the marrow, for almost an entire life of an individual.  They help in normal wear and tear of the body. Whenever there is a demand, they get differentiated into entire lineage of blood cells. Once they turned into fully functional cells, they are being released into the blood stream. 

There are in general, three main types of blood cells, which can be noted as follows:

  • Red blood cells, they contain hemoglobin that are responsible for transporting oxygen to different cells of the body. 
  • White blood cells, they are known to be as the fighter cells, which protect our body from infection.
  • Platelets are responsible blood clotting and secretion of different growth factors, that are required for healing. 

In case of cancer related to bone marrow or any of these mentioned blood cells, stem cells transplant is the only possible treatment. There are various forms of cancer, such as myeloma, leukemia, etc. that can be treated with the help of allogenic stem cell transplant. The primary treatment regimen involves stripping of the entire blood cells from individuals body, with the help of chemotherapy. Once the cancerous cells are removed from the body, stem cells from allogenically matched donor can be infused back the body, to generate fresh blood cells. Once inside the body, these stem cells are identified to be differentiated into new blood cells, thus restoring back structural as well as functional aspects of our body. 

Although, technological advances can possibly offer new defined ways to administer stem cells, to treat cancer; time being stem cells treatment for cancer is the only feasible alternative, which can be acknowledged for various kinds of cancer.

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