Can Stem Cells Be Coaxed Into The New Bone Tissue?

Can Stem Cells Be Coaxed Into The New Bone Tissue?

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Stem Cell Treatment for Orthopaedic Conditions

Recently, various new investigations have explored many possible mechanisms, through which stem cells can be coaxed into cell types of the desired origin, i.e. bone cells. One such investigation revealed that through the infusion of stem cell at the right location vast number of patients underwent massive improvement in the bone density as well as in conditions like osteoporosis as well as skeletal injuries. 

Stem cells are naive mother cells in the body with the ability to differentiate into cells of many tissues. These cells have the potential to transform into any cell type and behave one of them; in order to undertake multiple functions.  

Recently, many studies have primarily focused on how well the stem cells can be exploited, especially for therapeutic applications. In particular, the interest was more shown on how to manipulate stem cells to be able to transform into a newer tissue-specific cellular origin that is functionally weak. In this regard, a new study was published by a team of researchers from the University of Hopkins to explore many new mechanisms of perivascular stem cells to allow further differentiation into osteoblasts, the cells of bones. The stem cells of the perivascular origin are identified to be responsible for differentiating into either bone tissue or fat tissue, being of the same origin. However, it was unclear so far that the differentiation is furthered through what mechanism. The research was conducted on a mouse model and the results were being mitigated through primary cells. 

What are the proteins that are responsible to drive cellular fate?

In this regard, previous studies have demonstrated how particular protein is responsible for switching on the epigenetic changes that are responsible for facilitating specific signaling pathways to be able to drive the fate of perivascular stem cells and drive them to the relevant differentiation pathways. These pathways are responsible for guiding the proposed stem cells whether to form fat cells or bone cells. In the similar in-depth studies, the investigators were after determining the stem cells fate by manipulating them further to stop them producing proteins of interest. The research further indicated that the optimum dosages of signaling proteins are being responsible for deciding their fate. 

The promise showed by the recent intervention of stem cells!

In the next stage of the relevant study, investigations further exploit the rat model to confirm the particular signaling mechanism, responsible for healing the bone in case of spinal fusion. Spinal fusion is a type of particular medical treatment, which is required to join two or more vertebrae from the same spine. Doctors further explained that any numbers of bone cells are practically required for the faster recovery from spinal fusion, and perivascular stem cells can be differentiated into bone cells. This can further help patients towards faster recovery, by reducing the risk of immune rejection and other opportunistic infections. 

Bones: What all you need to understand?

Bones are noted as the matrices that are responsible for holding the body together and compact. They are present in all shapes as well as sizes and are actively involved in many different functions like locomotion, protection of vital organs, etc. 

In nutshell, osteoporosis is a type of bone disease, wherein the bone mineral density in slowly and progressively reduced, further increasing the risk of fractures. In the later stage of the disease progression, if ignored for a longer period of time osteoporosis can turn out to be a fatal progressive disorder, identified to be as osteoarthritis. 

Thus, although largely ignored, bone and associated disorders should never be ignored for a longer period of time and undergoing stem cell therapy at the right period can save millions of people from being affected with bone-related disorders.

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