How are Stem Cells used in Orthopedics?

How are Stem Cells used in Orthopedics?

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Orthopaedics and Stem Cell Therapy: The Connection Explored!

Effective treatment on debilitating conditions such as arthritis is on high demand due to their growing numbers and current unavailability. The current technical advancement is solely focusing on the use of stem cells for treating damage associated with the cartilages; the leading masterminds of arthritis. It has been strongly believed that stem cell therapy can offer effective solution to those who are suffering from the agony of lifelong pain or painful knee replacement surgery after their arthritis.

Arthritis is a growing issue, associated with more than 10 million people worldwide, occurs when cartilages, a soft spongy tissue at the end of the bones wear away; causing severe pain, stiffness and at times, loss of movement. With the help of anti-inflammatory drugs, the issue can be managed symptomatically but is not advisable for a longer duration due to its variety of side effects. Surgery, on the contrary, can be a costly affair, wherein patient might have to deal with issues such as rejection, pain, other opportunistic infections, etc. The only method that is exciting many medical professionals is to effectively generate lost cartilage with the help of the regenerative power of stem cells.

Stem cells are the opening batsmen of the human body, capable to differentiate into a variety of new cells with the proper signal stimulation. These cells are present underutilized in different niches of the organs. They can now be isolated outside the human body, treated in the laboratory for effectiveness as well as enrichment and can be infused back between the joints. The experiments have proved that these stem cells can give rise to Chondrocytes, important progenitor cells of cartilages; which can minimize the friction between the joints and reduce or may even stop further deterioration of bones.  These stem cells are known as well to be anti-inflammatory in nature, and are responsible for regulating the immune cells to come out of the trauma of autoimmunity.

Hence, stem cells treatment for arthritis can be a better choice for millions; who are currently relying on anti-inflammatory drugs with their unpleasant side effects and those who don’t wish to undergo painful knee replacement surgery.                              

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