What are the treatments for Autism?

What are the treatments for Autism?

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Stem Cells Treatments for Autism

The critical demand for effective treatment for children suffering from autism is increased in near future. In this regard, stem cells treatment for autism is much more of an easy choice, than it was often thought to be. One of the greatest breakthroughs that these stem cells might impose is a constant reminder of the body’s innate ability to heal itself in the crisis.

Autism is not as such a deadly disorder, on the contrary in developing countries like India; very few people are aware of the fact that there children are suffering from this autistic. It is actually an umbrella term for a wide variety of diseases ranging from mild to severe forms. Scientists have linked up the occurrence of the condition to various risk factors such as genetic abnormality, vaccine reaction, injury, exposure to heavy metals and pesticides during pregnancy and environmental allergies, etc. There are other unknown causes as well, which are yet to be confirmed.

More often, it has been observed that autistic child has difficulty in maintaining cognitive functions such as control, coordination, social interaction, concentration, etc. In this regard, hardcore research and clinical studies have increased the basic understanding of the underlying mechanisms. In autistic children, a connection between the brain and its abilities to perform cognitive functions has been observed to be halted due to neural degeneration or weakened neurons. Stem cells, due to their strong regeneration properties are reported to be integrating well with the microenvironment of the brain. These stem cells being anti-inflammatory in nature can prevent the initial inflammation of the faulty immune system; secrete various growth factors, which can relevantly direct these stem cells to become resident tissue-specific cells such as neurons in the case of the brain. These superior functions of stem cells are important for their potential applications in stem cells therapeutics for autism.

It has well to be noted that there cannot be guaranteed improvement for adult stem cells treatment for autism, however, enough positive changes have been noted in children after getting infusion in stem cells treatment.

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