How Effective is Stem Cell Therapy?

How Effective is Stem Cell Therapy?

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Stem Cell Therapy Going on the Right Way

Research and development in the field of Stem Cell Therapy is ongoing on a huge scale globally, and after approval to some of the clinical uses, the hopes of scientists and people around the world have gone up. Applications and therapeutic uses of Stem Cell Therapy for treating varied conditions are under clinical trials and with every report a new aspect of stem cells emerges on the forefront. Among all the trials, those done on pluripotent stem cells have increased of late because of the potential of these cells in treating conditions such as diabetes, macular degeneration, injury to the spinal cord, motor neuron diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and even other neurological conditions.

Overcoming challenges

Although there are many challenges in the way of therapeutic application of Stem Cell Therapy, yet continuous investigations have opened up new doors. Research all over the world has led to the emergence of varied procedures using stem cells. Now healthcare providers and doctors employ a combination of autologous stem cells from bone marrow and stem cells derived from the umbilical cord to treat diseases such as autism, cardiac arrest, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and even autoimmune diseases. In the last few years, researchers have utilized Stem Cell Therapy to create disease models derived from patients for identifying the molecular origin of different disorders and using these models for developing effective drugs simultaneously.

Harnessing the power of stem cells together

With the collaborative effort of clinical trials and modern science the concept of using regenerative medicine as Stem Cell Therapy for repairing damaged tissues is now becoming a reality. The self-renewal capacity of stem cells is what makes them the center of regenerative medicine. Researchers are testing both adult cells and embryonic stem cells to determining the use and effectiveness of Stem Cell Therapy. On one hand, where therapeutic use of embryonic stem cells is yet to be decided, a lot has been investigated about adult cells.  

The benefit of adult cells

Matured cells are found in adult tissues like the bone marrow and the agility of these cells in creating lineages of stem cells different from their origin is attracting the attention of researchers all over. Procedures using adult cells to regenerate organs and repair cells of different species are under trial and many have been tested as well. Success in many such tests has proved the magic of Stem Cell Therapy in treating different diseases, which had no treatment options earlier. Some good results have also been attained in recent tests of mesenchymal stem cells. In the beginning, the use of mesenchymal cells was primarily targeted for treating defects of the connective tissues, but some studies showed that these cells come with Immunomodulatory characteristics which makes them suitable for the treatment of many inflammatory conditions. The revelation led to trials and tests in this direction and presently, Stem Cell Therapy using mesenchymal cells has been demonstrated in many cases. The good news is that these kinds of Stem Cell Therapy have also met safety requirements, but its efficiency is yet to be proved.

New hopes for a better life

For diabetes patients, to patients suffering from skin conditions, burns, injuries, and many other fatal diseases, Stem Cell Therapy has proved to be a turning point in their life. With safer procedures developing now and then, the future seems to have good results in store for people suffering from different degenerative conditions. Many experiments are yet to be done before complete therapeutic application of such therapies, yet the recent results showing improvement in heart diseases, eye problems, and skin conditions have kept up the hopes of both patients and scientists, who wish to make life worth living without being dependant on medication, injections, and other treatments for a lifetime.

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