Stem Cells Treatment for Diabetes

Stem Cells Treatment for Diabetes

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Stem Cells Treatment for Diabetes

This month, being a mental health awareness month; more public awareness should be emphasized about the causes of mental stress. Stress can be a common phenomenon, which can be experienced multiple times a day from many different places, like sudden death of a family member or financial loss and more often; it is just a matter of our daily hectic schedule. But most importantly, whatever may be the cause, the stress undoubtedly affects both mental as well as physical health. In some of the diseases such as diabetes, your stress can be boosted, making it more difficult to manage.

There are things, that can add up to your stress level, when you are diabetic, such as constant check on your blood glucose level, check on your diet; sometimes you cannot eat, what you really wish to, which also can add up to the frustration or mental stress. Besides, unexpected swings in the blood sugar level can add it up.

In general, the diabetes induced stress can be different from the depression, but could be more relevant to the frustration and can be managed; if not controlled by some of the ways such as:

  • Get active: You can definitely divert your mind by concentrating on something that you really like to do; such as dancing, gardening, watching your favourite cinema, etc. Regular physical activity has been proven to secrete different happy hormones, which are required to improve stress levels and manage your diabetes.
  • Be a Social Bee:  You have to be in touch with your social networking, wherein you can discuss some of your issues with others; living with the disease, or else it can improve your knowledge, if there is an active discussion in a group.
  • Cope up with your thoughts:  When a bad thought is initiated at the back of your mind, then that has just to be diverted with something that can really make you happy. Sometimes, just a single call to your loved ones can make lot of impact on your mood.

Thus, your stress related issues can be well controlled by simply keeping yourself happy and focused. However, your diabetes can be only managed with current practiced therapeutics such as diet, hormonal supplements, exercise, etc. On the contrary, science and technology have collectively come up to give you simplified solutions, which are risk free and effective, to control or sometimes may be reversed the damage associated with your lifelong problems such as diabetes.

Stem cells treatment, an effective solution to regenerate cells; which have been lost during diseased conditions. Various completed and ongoing studies have confirmed that stem cells have the miraculous power to essentially regenerate any kind of cells in your body. This principal has been successfully applied by the healthcare system to treat variety of conditions, which could only be managed, so far but cannot be cured. Stem cells, thus now can cure your diabetes by regenerating damaged pancreatic beta cells by regulating your autoimmunity and reprogramming cellular pathways for effective glucose metabolism very easily.                            

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