The Power of Stem Cells in Diabetes Treatment

The Power of Stem Cells in Diabetes Treatment

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What is the best treatment for diabetes?

The potential of stem cells as a powerful source of producing insulin has changed the face of Diabetes Treatment. The power of stem cells to transform in different kinds of cells combined with the power of modern science has revolutionized the way different diseases and disorders are treated. In fact, diseases which were earlier considered as incurable and are now cured with the help of Stem Cell Therapy. The main challenge in this kind Stem Cell Therapy is driving the stem cells on the correct path. Only then they can materialize into cells, which have the ability of sensing glucose and at the same time secrete insulin. Scientists and doctors from around the world are testing varied matured stem cells to develop an infallible treatment option for diabetes using stem cells.

The cons of diabetes

Once diabetes enters your life, it stays your life time. Although the symptoms are controllable, yet there is no perfect cure for this condition. Insulin injections or medication becomes a part of your life, and the situation is aggravating as many children are now diagnosed with diabetes type-1. When the level of blood glucose increases, beta cells present in our pancreas discharge insulin, which triggers cells in our body to absorb glucose from blood. When someone is affected with diabetes type-1 these beta cells are destroyed by our immune system, whereas in diabetes type-2 these cells are not able to absorb the required amount of glucose. This happens when they are either not able to sense the insulin or the production of insulin in very little. Daily blood glucose tests and insulin injections were the traditional Diabetes Treatment option available to people, but now scientists have taken Diabetes Treatment to an entirely new level with the help of Stem Cell Therapy.

Recent explorations

Recently scientists have tested pluripotent cells and have created cells that respond to glucose and release insulin similar to beta cells. Several other clinical trials are also underway, which are expected to improve the success rate of Stem Cell Therapy for treating diabetes. Even though a lot has been explored about the potential of stem cells is treating different conditions including diabetes, but the mystery about the root cause of diabetes is still a puzzle for scientists. If the reason behind the triggering of our immune system to wipe out the beta cells is known then Diabetes Treatment can attain perfect result and can change the life of people suffering from diabetes.

Global reports

Health reports collected from around the globe shows that diabetes affects over two hundred and fifty million people worldwide and the number is expected to rise because of changing lifestyle and obesity problems of people. Complications related to diabetes are primarily behind the deaths caused by this disease and managing these complications was the only alternative for a healthy life. However, stem cells therapy has given new hopes to all those who considered insulin injections a part of their life.

Way towards a better life

Scientists working on Stem Cell Therapy have reported the discovery of stem cells in bone marrow, nervous system, spleen, and liver, which can be differentiated into cells that can produce insulin. Such cells are called induced pluripotent cells and these have opened up new avenues for Diabetes Treatment. Many successful treatments using stem cells in the recent past have proved the potential of stem cells. Doctors from different countries have collaborated to develop safe alternatives to reprogram cells so that their therapeutic use is possible for treating diabetes, and with every development, a better life is assured for millions of people who rely only on conventional methods of Diabetes Treatment for fighting this beast.

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